November 20, 2008

நியூயார்க் நகரம் ...

Urangum Neram... well, it doesn't sleep much, or at least around Times Square.

I'm going to New York, I think after about 9 years. I was very restless until I landed at Laguardia. For some weird reasons, 9/11 day was dancing in front of my eyes. Never thought would feel that way. Whew!
Well, I had the pleasure of staying in a hotel in Times Square. It was very cloudy that day, and with tall buildings around, lights and huge huge hoardings around that filled the place didn't know the difference between day or night.
The service at restaurants in Times Square are really fast - faster than many places I have eaten. Well, who would know better than them, that time is $$$!

Me and my friend wanted to see a Broadway musicals. Going to a musicals for the first time, we thought we would pick a story we both can understand very easily, hence decided to go to "Shrek the musicals". Wow! Wow is an understatement. I was totally taken by the production of this show. The stage settings of the castle or the swamp - amazingly well done. The character that won my top vote was Lord Fauquaad. Extraordinary performance. Princess Fiona - was next best. Amazing!! Still wondering if it were 2 different persons for the Ogre Fiona & the Princess or is it same person!! I was completely swept the show.
Broadway musicals should be a MUST SEE item on anyone who goes to NY for vacation :)
Took the downtown tour on the bus - hmm it was OK.

Visited Madam Tussuad's wax museum - was so disappointed not to see RAJINIKANTH or Aishwarya Rai. Also, was disappointed with the way the statues were arranged - didn't have enuf personal space to take good pictures! Would not recommend it for others. If you can, should skip this NY museum, and should go to the original London's.

One thing I missed terribly was going to "Saravana Bhavan" hotel. Did not know about this, may be didn't do my homework thoroughly. Missed it! They have morning breakfasts too - Missed it Missed it.
Well, may be next time :)

So, glad to be back home after 3 full days of roaming, and spending time at NY.

November 5, 2008

Unforgettable Obama's Election !!!

Yes, this was Obama's Election.
Obama's victory does prove Yet Again in history, that "Nothing is Impossible". !

Unforgettable speech by both McCain & Obama.
McCain said to the crowd, "It is not your failure, it is mine"
whereas Obama said to the crowd "This is your Victory".

What a display of political humbleness.

Wow! What a night at Chicago! The Grant Park was ROCKING with energy from every one. The crowd started gathering from the afternoon itself, and by evening it was so full. I always loved July 4th fireworks and the crowd - but this one had a very different agenda and spirit. Just can't express it in words!
As it was getting closer to the ending time for poll, the crowd grew stronger, and with many slogans such as "YES WE CAN!!". It would be an understatement to even call it "ELECTRIFYING".
So much tough time ahead for the country and the President, so much is expected out of him, I can only think of the slogan "YES WE CAN"!
Like everyone is highly hoping on this change to US, and that this will bring in many pilot projects for Chicagoans, I too am so excited about it.

November 4, 2008

I Voted!

Today's election day.
Actually I voted for the first time in my life. When I woke up in the morning, my very first thought was about "I'm going to vote"! Usually my first thoughts are my little prayers to "Pillayar", to make the day go peacefully. But there are days, even before I think of my prayer, someother thought will occur first. Like every year on my birthday, anniversary or any of my family's birthday or the day I'm going to India for vacation - like important days, my first thoughts are about that day, before I say my little prayer..
Likewise, today is very special for me - caz, I'm voting for the first time in my life! I never had voted in India, as my name never appeared in any voters list. So, this year, I have been eagerly waiting for this day :)
I was bit disappointed that there was not much of a crowd at the school, where we went to vote! I expected some line, so I can chat with few people, extend the excitement of waiting to Vote! But, no line, and it was like a walk-in straight.
The Ballot was a like an entrance exam questionaire - long list of candidates for several posts.
Well, lets see who wins to be the next President!! I can't wait to know the results this time, caz I voted :)

November 1, 2008

Airtel Super Singer Vs Indian Idol

I remember, 2 years back how I was so hooked up with Indian Idol 2. Subscribed to SET with Dish, followed each and every contestant, analyzed in-depth their singing - rated their performances, so involved. I was in awe about the kids makeover. And when it was finally Karunya vs Sandeep - called my friends in Hyderabad and asked them to vote for Karunya. Of course, in Chennai, Indian Idol was not a big deal, even though we are big time drama lovers ;)
Though I did subscribe again for SET when II3 began, the show did not impress me like the prev one. And now, nope - not even a twitch! Though I try to watch it here & there, except for one or two kids, there are no amazing singers this year! Or is it my lack of interest in this?? Don't know - but no one in this II4 has impressed me even a bit, and the drama is stale !

On the other hand, Airtel Super Singer 2008, which again I followed in 2006 & now in 08, I 'm still very interested in it. Is it because, I see less drama (unlike II)& more material? I'm truly amazed by the Judges and how patiently they picked the final contestants! Wow! I have to give it to them.

Though I have to wait for someone to post the SS08 episodes on the net, I love to watch them even on Youtube! I long for one or two minutes of Chinmayi's singing, wait for judges opinion!. And BTW, my vote is for "Ravi" this year. Simply loved his "Ninaithu Ninaithu Paarthen".