November 1, 2008

Airtel Super Singer Vs Indian Idol

I remember, 2 years back how I was so hooked up with Indian Idol 2. Subscribed to SET with Dish, followed each and every contestant, analyzed in-depth their singing - rated their performances, so involved. I was in awe about the kids makeover. And when it was finally Karunya vs Sandeep - called my friends in Hyderabad and asked them to vote for Karunya. Of course, in Chennai, Indian Idol was not a big deal, even though we are big time drama lovers ;)
Though I did subscribe again for SET when II3 began, the show did not impress me like the prev one. And now, nope - not even a twitch! Though I try to watch it here & there, except for one or two kids, there are no amazing singers this year! Or is it my lack of interest in this?? Don't know - but no one in this II4 has impressed me even a bit, and the drama is stale !

On the other hand, Airtel Super Singer 2008, which again I followed in 2006 & now in 08, I 'm still very interested in it. Is it because, I see less drama (unlike II)& more material? I'm truly amazed by the Judges and how patiently they picked the final contestants! Wow! I have to give it to them.

Though I have to wait for someone to post the SS08 episodes on the net, I love to watch them even on Youtube! I long for one or two minutes of Chinmayi's singing, wait for judges opinion!. And BTW, my vote is for "Ravi" this year. Simply loved his "Ninaithu Ninaithu Paarthen".

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