November 5, 2008

Unforgettable Obama's Election !!!

Yes, this was Obama's Election.
Obama's victory does prove Yet Again in history, that "Nothing is Impossible". !

Unforgettable speech by both McCain & Obama.
McCain said to the crowd, "It is not your failure, it is mine"
whereas Obama said to the crowd "This is your Victory".

What a display of political humbleness.

Wow! What a night at Chicago! The Grant Park was ROCKING with energy from every one. The crowd started gathering from the afternoon itself, and by evening it was so full. I always loved July 4th fireworks and the crowd - but this one had a very different agenda and spirit. Just can't express it in words!
As it was getting closer to the ending time for poll, the crowd grew stronger, and with many slogans such as "YES WE CAN!!". It would be an understatement to even call it "ELECTRIFYING".
So much tough time ahead for the country and the President, so much is expected out of him, I can only think of the slogan "YES WE CAN"!
Like everyone is highly hoping on this change to US, and that this will bring in many pilot projects for Chicagoans, I too am so excited about it.

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